When President Dick Celeste said he wouldn’t sign the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment two years ago at the time it was initiated, it caused a bit of a stir on campus.

The Presidents Climate Commitment enlists colleges and universities in the fight to cut green house gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. To date, more than 650 college and university presidents or chancellors across the country have signed the PCC.

“I purposely didn’t sign the Presidents Climate Commitment when first asked; I wanted to ensure that if CC made this commitment, we would fully follow through with it,” Celeste said.

President Celeste signed the PCC on April14, 2009. By any measure, the two years were well spent. During that time, CC completed a full study of its carbon footprint and drafted a sustainability plan to meet the goal of carbon neutrality, which it aims to achieve in the year 2020. The college’s long-term goal is to become carbon regenerative and a net energy producer.

PCC spokesperson Lee Bodner said, “President Celeste and his team have not only done their homework; they’ve earned extra credit. By doing such extensive investigation and planning, Colorado College is farther ahead in fulfilling the terms of the Commitment than almost any other school in the country.”

For details of how CC is carrying out the PCC, read the news release.