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Building on Originality: The Campaign for Colorado College Concludes, Raising $478M

The Building on Originality campaign has concluded, raising more than $478 million for the college and its students.

Issue: Spring 2022 • Tags: ,

More Women of Color in Leadership

From left: Manya Whitaker, Associate Professor of Education, Executive Vice President, and Chief of Staff; Heidi R. Lewis, Director and Associate Professor in the Feminist and Gender Studies Program, and Coordinator of the Early Career Faculty Development Program; Emily Chan, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Bridge Scholars Program, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty; Rosalie M. Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean of Students, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Director of the Butler Center

But: ‘We Should Speak Frankly About the Barriers That Still Exist’ The leadership at Colorado College has changed dramatically throughout the years, and now, in the 2021-22 academic year, the college has never had as many feminine-identifying, Black, Indigenous, people of color voices as it does now. While this is an enormous success for Colorado…

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Because of CC… Ellen Weir Casey ’71, MAT ’77

Ellen Weir Casey

Ellen Weir Casey ’71, MAT ’77 reflects on her odyssey through infertility, the earliest days of in vitro fertilization, and giving birth to her daughter, Colorado’s first “test-tube baby.”

Issue: Spring 2022 • Tags: ,

A Diverse Leadership

From left, Edwin Hamada; Brenda Soto; Rochelle T. Dickey ’83, P’19; L. Song Richardson; Debbie Howell; Mike Edmonds; and Peony Fhagen.

Black, Indigenous, people of color, and women now hold more influential positions than ever before at Colorado College.

Issue: Spring 2022 • Tags: , ,

Disrupting Disciplines

The Dynamics of Power five-class collaboration introduces first-year students to a truly interdisciplinary education.

Issue: Winter 2021/22 • Tags:

Priddy Experience Sticks Close to Home

An adapted Priddy Experience allowed incoming students to connect to Colorado Springs.

Issue: Winter 2021/22 • Tags:

Faces of Innovation: Han Santana-Sayles ’15

As director of artist collaboration for Meow Wolf, Santana-Sayles works with artists to bring playful and mind-bending spaces to the immersive art exhibit.

Issue: Winter 2021/22 • Tags: ,

CC Students, Recent Graduates Garner Awards

Colorado College students and recent alumni representing a variety of departments and disciplines earned a number of academic awards this year. CC Fulbright Adviser Roy Jo Sartin says that Fulbright reports this cycle was the most competitive in the program’s 75-year history. Of CC’s 21 total applicants in this most recent cycle: 57% advanced to…

Issue: Summer 2021 • Tags:

The Unexpected Path: L. Song Richardson’s Journey to the CC Presidency

CC’s 14th president was a concert pianist, then dean at the University of California, Irvine School of Law before coming to Colorado College.

Issue: Summer 2021 • Tags:

Q&A with Former Acting Co-Presidents Mike Edmonds & Robert G. Moore

Former Acting Co-Presidents Mike Edmonds and Robert G. Moore Look Back at the Year Like No Other

Issue: Summer 2021 • Tags: