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Expanding College Access with Stroud Scholars Program

Barry Sarchett, professor of English at Colorado College, says that over the last decade, he has been “personally distraught” about social inequality in higher education. “It became quite clear over the last decade or more that elite institutions of higher education — and I include CC in that category — had become, despite their own best…

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Edward J. Robson Arena

The Edward J. Robson Arena is a multi-purpose ice hall to be located on Colorado College property on the west side of Nevada Avenue between Dale and Cache La Poudre streets. Owned and operated by Colorado College and home to CC Tiger Hockey, the arena is a physical and cultural extension of Colorado College as…

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Grass Roots

In “Grass Roots,” journalist Kirsten Akens ’96 takes a look at the impact of cannabis on CC, from classroom conversations and concerns about youth to jobs and educational journals.

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The Circle of Giving, the Power of Connecting

Supporting a cause you believe in — with money or time — can arise from many different places and take many different forms.

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Get to Know Debbie Howell, Elder-in-Residence

Howell, a member of the Pawnee and Dakota tribes, comes to the college with an understanding of eldership in the Native tradition, as well as extensive civic engagement experience.

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New Pledge Opens CC’s Doors to Colorado Families

As Colorado high school seniors and their families researched colleges and began the application process for admission this fall, many who would have considered Colorado College out of reach financially had reason to look at CC more closely. In August, the college announced the Colorado Pledge, a pilot initiative designed to make CC as affordable…

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More Than Scores: CC Admission Goes Test-Optional

Colorado College applicants have always been more than just numbers. With its new test-optional policy, CC is doubling down on that sentiment.

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Homecoming Weekend

OCT. 10-13, 2019              

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Family and Friends Weekend 2019

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Funding Supports Mushroom Research, Career Exploration

At the Telluride Mushroom Festival in 2016, Sabrina Heitmann ’18 learned about innovative fungal solutions for world hunger, pest control, and disease being developed at Mushroom Mountain, a farm in Easley, South Carolina. “I attended a lecture by the founder of Mushroom Mountain, who described how mushrooms could be used in all of these novel…

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