Woody Fisher has been named the European Geoscience Union’s Outstanding Young Scientist of 2011.


10th Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!


Bettina Swigger is the new executive director of Festival Mozaic, a music festival in San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California. Before that, Bettina was the executive director of COPPeR, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, in Colorado Springs.


Anderson Shepard, a second-year master’s student at Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California-Santa Barbara, was awarded the Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship for 2010–11. He is focusing on conservation planning and water resources management. He spent four months as a research analyst for Conservation International, investigating the impacts of climate change on future viticultural suitability and assessing how potential land use change could intersect with areas of conservation concern.


Stephen Heitkamp wrote an opinion piece that was published in Le Monde, at www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2010/10/19/les-etats-unis-mal-compris-et-la-france-aussi_1427904_3232.html

Mt Princeton

Steveo Limburg and Jon “Jammer” Mattes-Ritz (both Class of 2004) hiked Mt. Princeton with their friend Eugene and Kenai, Rory Cowie’s dog (2004).



5th Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!

Joel Ross is currently in his fourth year as a Ph.D. candidate in informatics at the University of California-Irvine and has begun to dig into his dissertation research. In his previous research, he studied “crowdsourcing” systems for human-performed computation. His other research has focused on how information technology affects and can be used to influence environmental sustainability. In his dissertation, he is looking at how game dynamics can be used to influence and encourage behavior change and environmental sustainability. He’s working on developing pervasive games that can persuade people to adopt sustainable behaviors.


Leah Zipperstein is the creator and editor of a new website — www.ispycincy.com — an online magazine that offers witty and insightful coverage of cultural and philanthropic events in the social, business, and artistic sectors. Leah has been a freelance writer for The Cincinnati Enquirer.


Ryan Shuken traveled to Haiti to help the Dania Foundation build houses for earthquake victims. The foundation was started by the Bak family in Santa Barbara after the deadly Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. The family has been close friends of Ryan’s family since high school. Ryan says he found unexpected resilience when he arrived in Haiti. “When I landed in Haiti, my first impression was total devastation and real misery. These people had miserable lives. They were too scared to live in houses; rubble was everywhere, and there was nothing to help them survive. Yet in this feeling of complete devastation, I saw people out in the streets talking, selling, trading. I saw people laughing and smiling.” This wasn’t Ryan’s first international humanitarian work. In 2004–05, he started a charity in Shanghai, teaching music to children in orphanages. He then moved on to Uganda, where he worked on fresh water projects with the Uganda Village Project.

Seven recent grads are members of a team of 18 San Francisco Bay-area journalists creating a magazine of narrative photojournalism for the iPad. The company, Once Magazine, Inc., incorporated in November, and after six months of behind-the-scenes work revealed itself publicly in February. On the editorial team, Tay Wiles ’08 and Jaimie Stevenson ’08 are editors and John Knight ’10 is the managing editor. The business team counts on Nick Hiebert ’09, who is the COO; Andrew Jones ’08, who is the corporate secretary; and Jackson Solway ’09, who is the CEO. Katie Eberle ’08 is the lead designer. The team closed a round of seed funding in March, which puts the magazine on track for an early May launch in the Apple and Android app stores. Jackson, Nick, and Andrew will open a second round of financing shortly thereafter. Friendly hellos are welcomed, as are shout-outs on any of the nine (!) social media channels Nick oversees. The magazine’s portal site is www.oncemagazine.com