One-Year Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!

Jackie Danzig has been awarded a scholarship by Colorado Phi Beta Kappa. She is currently enrolled in the master of arts in teaching program at CC. She was valedictorian and received a Distinction in Music award based on her senior thesis, which required original research on a collection of Spanish New Mexican folk music. She presented a paper based on her thesis at the annual meeting of the Society for American Music in Ottawa, Canada.

Madison Moross

Madison Moross

Following her graduation from CC, Meriwether Hardie spent 95 days on horseback, riding along the spine of Argentina. She covered more than 600 miles and encountered horse bandits, knife fights, snow and thunderstorms, and miles of open rangeland. Her trip was supported by Bill McKibben and the Middlebury College Environmental Journalism Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship was to report on the swiftly changing landscape of Patagonia. She was particularly interested in the consequences of the competition between traditional agricultural practices and modern land conservation technique on the local indigenous people.

Madison Moross blogs for elephantjournal.com. She also runs the blog, The Big P Project, (thebigpproject.com) currently stationed in Los Angeles, whose purpose is to encourage conscious consumerism.