CC has developed two programs that will allow more   students the opportunity to study abroad.

The first is a pilot program designed to increase opportunities for students with financial aid to study off-campus. The program, effective Spring 2012, will be evaluated annually for the next four years to determine if the college can afford to sustain it.

passportIn the past, students on financial aid were able to keep their college aid only if they attended one of the affiliated study-abroad programs, primarily ACM and specific CC programs. If students wished to choose from the 80 other programs approved by the college for credit, they had to give up their CC financial aid for that semester. While some students found the off-campus programs less costly than CC, many on financial aid could not afford them.

Under the new policy, students pay Colorado College the actual program costs for approved off-campus study program, with CC scholarships and grants continuing in the same proportion as the student’s current CC aid. For example, if CC funds provide 50 percent of a student’s cost of attendance, the grants and scholarships will continue in the same proportion toward the cost of attendance of a lower cost program. However, if the program costs more than CC, the college will not provide additional funding.

The second program will pay the passport fees for any enrolling student who does not have a passport. The program will be administered by the admission office and financially underwritten by the president’s office. Currently, approximately 81 percent of CC students study abroad.