Colorado College has partnered with Health Professionals, Ltd. to provide health services for students at Boettcher Health Center, which was formerly operated internally by the college. All medical and mental health records of former students (withdrawn or graduated) will be maintained at Boettcher Health Center, in a secure and locked location that ensures patient confidentiality, for a 10-year period following a student’s last contact with the health center. Current students’ records have been transferred to the new health services provider at Boettcher Health Center, Health Professionals, Ltd., in order to ensure continuity of care.

Any person who has been treated at Boettcher Health Center at Colorado College in the last 10 years can request a copy of his or her medical or mental health records, or have a copy sent to a current medical or mental health provider, by completing an Authorization for Release of Protected Health information (available from your current provider or from Boettcher Health Center) and sending it to:

Boettcher Health Center, Operated by HPL
1106 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
FAX: 719-389-6928