Termite Queen, Vol. 1by Lorinda J. Taylor ’61

In The Termite Queen: Volume One: The Speaking of the Dead, the death of a specimen of intelligent giant termite impels a team of scientists to mount a new expedition to the alien planet where the specimen was captured. During the voyage out, Kaitrin Oliva, the linguistic anthropologist, and Griffen Gwidian, an entomologist and team leader, fall in love. Meanwhile, on the alien planet, civil discord is brewing among the termites. In Volume Two, the team arrives at the planet to a combative reception, but, aided by Kaitrin’s insights into the termites’ unique language, the two groups soon communicate and get to know each other. Meanwhile, Griffen’s inexplicable insecurities worsen, while dastardly conspiracies continue to escalate. Ultimately, the two plotlines intersect, after which the team must return to Earth and try to come to terms with what they have experienced.Vol. 1: ISBN: 1469989840. Published by the author (available through Amazon), 2012.