CC-BUL-APRIL2016-38-AABMellumsI want to share with you a couple of activities the Alumni Association Board (AAB) has been working on to provide an opportunity for alumni to offer their voices about engagement with CC.

Earlier this winter, the AAB’s Engagement Committee partnered with the Alumni Office to prepare and process a large-scale alumni survey. More than 900 alumni responded to the survey, and the results are providing valuable insight on event preferences and feedback about recent events. This feedback is being analyzed to help shape future events. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

As we do every two years, AAB solicited nominations from alumni at large and all segments of the college community for the positions of elected alumni trustee and young alumni trustee (an appointed position). We received several responses nominating outstanding candidates, and now all alumni have an opportunity to vote for one of two candidates for elected alumni trustee.

You may have already cast your ballot, but if not, please take a moment to find your mail-in ballot and vote now. Your vote is an important way for you to help ensure the college’s continued strength and the kind of representation you want on the board.

The AAB Nominations and Awards Committee reviewed qualifications of all candidates, and the finalists were approved by the AAB before proceeding. Selection criteria included:

Demonstrated service and leadership: participation in CC events and activities; service on regional, class reunion, professional, or other CC committees; and other engagement with the college. Service to the college as an undergraduate is also weighed.

Strong background for addressing issues broadly: this includes leadership in other for-profit and nonprofit organizations; general availability to commit time to the board and to do the job well; understanding of the fiduciary responsibilities and support for the president of the college.

Diversity: ethnic and gender diversity brings important perspectives to the college.

Philanthropic commitment to the college: regular giving — generous in relationship to ability to give — is a hallmark of leadership.

The new trustees will replace Kalen Acquisto ’13, retiring young alumni trustee, and Karen Rechnitzer Pope ’70, retiring elected alumni trustee. Their terms expire June 30, 2016, and the new trustees’ terms begin July 1, 2016, when they will join elected alumni trustees Heather Carroll ’89 and Tony Rosendo ’02.

We look forward to your election of new trustees who will strengthen the college as much as Kalen and Karen have. Please vote and encourage your fellow alumni to do so as well.

Last, I invite you to connect with fellow Tigers in your area on Facebook with your local alumni Facebook group. You can find yours by searching for “Colorado College Alumni in” plus the name of your city or region. It’s also a great way to find out about the varous alumni events in your area, whether your interests are social, educational, career-oriented, or cultural.

Thank you again for your voice and your engagement with CC. Go Tigers!