The five members of the CC faculty who retired this year have nearly 200 years of teaching at Colorado College among them (198, to be exact). We asked them what they plan to do. Their replies:

BUL-AUG16-PG06-News-RetireJankeSteven Janke, professor of mathematics and computer science, started at CC in 1975.

“No dramatic retirement plans, but I do have a few writing projects brewing and hope for plenty of time in my workshop. My wife and I plan on even more time working in our garden and on our house.”

BUL-AUG16-PG06-News-RetireLauxJudy Laux, professor of economics, started at CC in 1979.

“My husband (five years my junior) has been retired for five years and has set an excellent example of how to stay engaged in important service activities (music and church related) while pursuing creative work set aside during his working years. In addition to lots of travel together (both abroad and with our 5th-wheel RV in the U.S.), I want to do the same, picking up my guitar, fine-tuning my clarinet playing, and writing on subjects not business-related. My bucket list is about 30 years long, so I’m starting early!”

BUL-AUG16-PG06-News-RetireMendozaCharlotte Mendoza, professor of education, started at CC in 1971.

“My immediate plans include travel to western Canada and participation in the next Kellogg Foundation’s Leadership Alliance National Forum for which I am on its design team. Then I want to seek out new learning and volunteer opportunities and spend time writing about the many professional and personal pursuits in which I have been engaged over the years.”

BUL-AUG16-PG06-News-RetireTynanDaniel Tynan, professor of English, started at CC in 1970.

“Recently, a retired friend told me that the best thing about retirement is waking up in the morning, and deciding to do everything — or do  nothing. I want to hike more trails, I want to build my birding life-list, I want to travel the required number of retiree miles, and I want to read more of whatever I feel like reading. I may also teach a course or two along the way, should the opportunity arise. Finally, on certain days, I may wake up and choose the do-nothing option.”

Tass Kelso, professor of biology, started at CC in 1987.

She passed away June 8, 2016. See In Memoriam.

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