Walking into his campus workspace the day following the 2016 presidential election, Aaron Cohick, printer of The Press at Colorado College, was feeling a need to bring people together to process their emotions and build community.

It was in this headspace that “The Work Continues” poster project was born. He designed the framework, put out a call to students, and encouraged people to come by The Press and make some art. Cohick says about 15 students, “some who had never been here before,” and an assortment of staff, faculty, and local alumni visited The Press, determined the phrases that would go along with “The Work Continues” concept, and helped print. “We gave away 700 in the first three days,” he says, and, to date, they’ve printed more than 1,900 copies of the posters that spread messages such as “Stay Kind,” “Stay Strong,” and “Stay Fierce.”

The project didn’t stay confined to CC though. Not only did the posters show up at Women’s Marches across the country on Jan. 21 (including one CC parent who marched with hers in Washington, D.C.), but other presses also took the concept and made their own iterations. During Block 5, more than 100 posters, protest signs, publications, and other ephemera “deployed in the real world” and from as far away as New Zealand, are hanging in the “Amplify & Multiply” exhibition in Coburn Gallery.

You may remove this special Bulletin version of “The Work Continues” poster. Hang on your wall. Post on your fridge. Share with a friend.