The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College’s signature red square logo has taken on a new form — one that is literally deeply cemented in Colorado Springs. A red, 7-foot steel “block”on the corner of Dale Street and Cascade Avenue celebrates the alliance between the two institutions by cleverly uniting their identities. It was designed collaboratively by the FAC, CC’s facilities team, and Felix Sanchez ’93, CC’s assistant vice president for communications, pictured left. He notes that it is a fortuitous coincidence that the Fine Arts Center’s logo is a red square, and that CC’s new sign system is based on square structures, another version of “the Block Plan.” The hollow steel structure at the Fine Arts Center also serves as a touchstone to the arts. “It’s a beacon for community engagement. The cube itself can be engaged with, and we encourage the community to share it via digital means with #arts4all,” says Sanchez.

Additionally, new signs now mark the entrances to campus at strategic, high-visibility locations, such as those on Cascade and Nevada Avenues. The block-like design — representing the Block Plan — is the base component of most of the new signs. Look for them next time you’re on campus!