Students and community members helped Amauri Bargioni ’19 work on his “Wall of Negativity” mural, which covered two sides of the Whitney Building behind Wooglin’s on North Tejon Street. When Bargioni and members of the Art Department heard about plans for the building’s demolition in order to prepare for the new Robson Arena, they saw an opportunity to turn the destruction into a celebration. The “Wall of Negativity” featured objects, ideas, and concepts that CC students want to see disappear from the community. Bargioni took the first turn, painting enlarged images of chains and a gun.

Unrelated to Bargioni’s project, the north side of the building featured a mural by Jemez Pueblo artist Jaque Fragua, commissioned by CC’s InterDisciplinary Experimental Arts program in 2014. Fragua painted rug patterns from different Native American tribes, commenting on the inability for many to see distinctions between tribes. On the top, he painted bar codes to express frustration with feeling like “just a census number” in the United States.