In the past year and a half, CC has committed to taking up the work of antiracism, which means actively opposing racism in all of its forms. It is an effort crucial to changing higher education and the world for the better. Over the summer, a small group comprised of members of the faculty, student body, Board of Trustees, and administration considered the antiracism report and its recommendations presented in Spring 2019, as well as other information gathered throughout the last academic year. The group then drafted an Antiracism Implementation Plan, with a timeline and metrics for measuring the college’s progress.

During Block 1, President Jill Tiefenthaler invited input on this draft from the campus community and specifically from the Diversity and Equity Advisory Board, the Faculty Executive Committee, the Colorado College Student Government Association, and Staff Council. Input and comments will guide CC’s direction for the next several years. This plan will be a living, evolving document — as the college transforms its culture, gains more knowledge, and grows. It is a strategic priority at Colorado College to become an antiracist institution. A finalized version of the Antiracism Implementation Plan was shared with the campus community in November.