From left, Chelsea Schmidt ’10, Daniel Boron-Brenner ’07 (with Einstein, the Einstein Medical Center’s mascot), and Wes Paulson ’11 are currently training, or have just completed training, in emergency medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Chelsea is in the first-year resident class, Dan is a second-year emergency medicine resident, and Wes recently completed the physician assistant residency program in January.

Daniel Boron-Brenner ’07  writes, “It was a pleasant surprise for us to discover how small the world is, and how much of an impact CC has made on us as people as well as healthcare providers,” says Dan. Additionally, a fourth CC grad is at Albert Einstein Medical Center: Lily McKoy ’13 is a medical student currently rotating through the hospital. “We thought this was an interesting coincidence,” says Dan.

I had a chance meetup with CC alum Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish ’00 at the New York State Sustainability Conference in Rochester, New York, in November. She gave the keynote address on Friday, while I presented about my funded project in a concurrent session on Thursday. We got together for this selfie. — Mark Bremer ’01


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