Five associate professors and a lecturer have been promoted following the June meeting of the Board of Trustees. Those promoted to full professor are:

  • Kristina Acri, Economics and Business
  • Emily Chan, Psychology
  • Regula Evitt, English
  • Steven Hayward, English
  • Miro Kummel, Environmental Science

Jean Gumpper, Art and Art Studio, was promoted to senior lecturer.

The Colorado College Faculty Handbook states that: “Persons promoted to the rank of full professor at Colorado College have attained a level of achievement that fulfills their earlier promise. They have earned widespread respect for their teaching effectiveness and their consistent commitment to student learning. Several peer-reviewed publications (or equivalent performances or exhibits) since tenure review now testify to their scholarly reputation. In addition, they have made significant contributions to the life of the college — for example, by chairing  a department or program, by demonstrating leadership on faculty committees or special college projects, by mentoring new faculty, or by co-teaching in interdisciplinary courses. Recognition for leadership in the wider community or in a professional society can further strengthen a case for promotion to full professor.”

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