Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies Dylan Nelson produced the documentary feature film “Groomed,” which premiered in mid-March. The film, which follows director Gwen van de Pas’s journey to confront her past as a survivor of child sexual assault, has led to a reconsideration of van de Pas’s criminal case against her offender in Holland.

Nelson also has been awarded three grants to support her upcoming documentary, “The Liegnitz Plot,” which follows Gary Gilbert, a former producer on “Seinfeld,” as he investigates reports dating back to the Holocaust of a mysterious Nazi who stole priceless stamp collections from concentration camp victims, then stashed the stamps in a Nazi-occupied basement in Legnica, Poland. Nelson has received a $100,000 grant from the Hall Family Foundation, a $15,000 Momentum Grant from the Catapult Film Fund, and a $20,000 post-production grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (the Claims Conference), to help support the project.