L. Song RichardsonDear Alumni, Parents, and Friends

What makes springtime at Colorado College so special is that we see the promise that new students bring, the transformation they experience here, and the thrill as they launch into the world.

Just a few weeks ago 750 visitors — admitted students and their families and friends — arrived on campus over two weekends to experience CC for themselves. These outstanding scholars and leaders were chosen from the largest applicant pool in our history, just over 11,000 applications. Each of them could contribute in meaningful ways to this immersive, innovative, vibrant, and inclusive community.

Our admittees were full of questions. Is the Block Plan right for me? Will I like the people? Does the campus feel welcoming? Will I thrive here? Is that Pikes Peak, right there?

To find answers, they dove into mock classes with CC professors to see how the Block Plan immerses students in learning. They heard from current students about academic and social life at CC; made art on the Language House Quad with the CC Mobile Arts truck; explored exhibits at the Fine Arts Center; learned about financial aid, advising, and student support resources; danced the mambo in Cossitt Gym; and ice skated in Ed Robson Arena.

It was an exhilarating time for them — and for the campus community. This is when we come face-to-face with the future: students who will head CCSGA, break records on the track, ask hard questions, and reveal new research discoveries. In their time here, they will shape this place, enrich discussions in classes, influence the direction of our mission and vision, and invent ideas and things we cannot even imagine. Just as CC students have done for 148 years.

The current world needs leaders like CC students, who learn quickly, fail fast and learn from it, are resilient, and innovate. These are the “changemakers” who are sought after by employers, who create new concepts, solve complex problems, inspire us in the arts, and start impactful businesses and organizations.

As the academic year nears the final stretch, the Class of 2022 — the next generation of leaders — are completing their theses and presenting research and projects for their major. Every week more students win fellowships, grants, and honors, and plan their next chapter — a job, internship, graduate school, or something else.

Our seniors, who just a few short years ago were among the giddy, curious open-house participants, are now changed. They persevered and demonstrated grit and resilience and cared for each other during the uncertainty of the pandemic. They pushed boundaries academically and beyond. They adapted, created, innovated, and inspired us.

They are why we do what we do. They give us hope for a future where people try to understand one another despite differences. They produce “aha” moments — and days, and weeks. They make us proud. I have no doubt that they will be the changemakers we need in the world.


L. Song Richardson