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The Promise of Springtime

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends What makes springtime at Colorado College so special is that we see the promise that new students bring, the transformation they experience here, and the thrill as they launch into the world. Just a few weeks ago 750 visitors — admitted students and their families and friends — arrived on…

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The President’s Message: How can we do what we do better?

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, In Just Over Six Months At Colorado College, I have learned that community is everything. We felt joy in the air as students, faculty, and staff gathered on Tava Quad for Opening Convocation on the first day of classes. That day — the beginning of a new academic year —…

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From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, I am thrilled to be starting my journey with you at Colorado College. When I began learning about CC, I was struck by its boldness and its innovative spirit. Whether it’s antiracism, the Block Plan, the arts, or creativity and innovation, just to name a few, CC impressed me as…

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From the acting Co-Presidents

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, As we look forward to a much-anticipated presidential transition at Colorado College, we are grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the past year together. It has been our sincere honor to serve as co-presidents during this interim, and we thank you for your continued support and engagement. Last spring…

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From the Acting Co-Presidents

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, We are thankful for the opportunity to pause, reflect, and share our gratitude for everyone who has contributed to the success of this community during a challenging time. We also share our excitement as we embark on a new year and new semester together. This year marks the 50th anniversary…

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From the Acting Co-Presidents

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, We want to begin by thanking you for all you have done to support Colorado College during an exceptionally challenging time. Although we have felt a wide range of emotions this year, we are inspired by dedicated CC faculty, staff, alumni, and most importantly, our students, who are working together…

Issue: Summer 2020 • Tags:

From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, While this time of year is usually marked by celebration as our seniors prepare for Commencement, the past few months have been filled with anxiety and disappointment as the Coronavirus has taken hold in our communities. Colleges have suspended face-to-face instruction and emptied campuses to slow the virus’ spread and…

Issue: Spring 2020 • Tags:

From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, It has been a wonderful semester at Colorado College! We piloted exciting new campus programs to support our students and advance our mission. We also came together for Family and Friends Weekend and Homecoming to celebrate our community. The college application season is in full swing, and we are excited…

Issue: Winter 2019 • Tags:

From the President

Dear, Alumni, Parents, and Friends, As we prepare for a new academic year, I am grateful to the many students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, and friends who are dedicated to moving Colorado College forward. Our bold commitment to become an antiracist institution took precedence this past academic year, and it will continue to be a…

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