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Posts from the April 2014 issue

Peak Profile: Nancy Stern Bain ’73

Nancy Stern Bain ’73 is the living, dancing embodiment of the enriched life of service that beckons many CC students. A glimpse of her future may have appeared to Dance Instructor Hanya Holm, in whose legendary summer institutes Nancy danced, and to her inspirational professors — Glenn Gray, Jane Cauvel, Harvey Rabbin, Doug Freed, Marianne…

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Peak Profile: Jeff Sauer ’65

Jeff Sauer has spent his life around a hockey rink. His father was a hockey coach, and Jeff stepped onto the ice for the first time when he was 4 years old. He played high school hockey, and was given a scholarship to play hockey at Colorado College in 1962. He went on to coach…

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Peak Profile: Millie Olson ’68

Millie Olson ’68 graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in English and this thought: “I don’t have any marketable skills.” It was one of the few times she’d be wrong in what would become a stellar, high-profile career. Writing samples and tenacity helped her land a job at Seventeen magazine in New York…

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