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Posts from the August 2014 issue

Peak Profile: Michael Hannigan ’75

Michael Hannigan is one of very few individuals to claim status as a former Colorado College student, faculty member, and administrator. (For the record, he’s also married to a CC alumna, Debra Armstrong ’79 and his brother Barry is an alumnus — Class of 1973.) “I was attracted to the fact that I would be…

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Peak Profile: Lance Cheslock ’82

Lance Cheslock obviously has the right chemistry for problem-solving — even if it doesn’t involve his chemistry degree. After graduation, he taught chemistry, physics, and art history at an East Coast prep school and tested the waters of biochemical research, before spending three years in Haiti with one of Habitat for Humanity’s first international projects,…

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College Press Club

College Press Club doesn’t look like other startup companies. An established market and way of doing business already existed when, shortly after graduation, Alex Kronman ’12 and Ben Quam ’12 founded an online platform to connect advertisers with college newspapers. But the potential for improving how business is done in the $300 million industry is…

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Peak Profile: Toni Pizza ’12

Toni Pizza ’12 has been playing games constantly through her two years of grad school at New York University. She plans to continue that habit as an adjunct instructor at NYU this fall. But it’s not just about laughs for this accomplished woman, 25 in early August. “Games are a good place to do a…

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