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Posts from the Spring 2020 issue

On the Bookshelf

Notes Below the Staff By Herb Beattie ’48 with Lauren Arnest “Not many people can begin an anecdote like this: ‘Beverly Sills was sitting next to me on a flight from New York to Pittsburgh…’,” and so begins the forward by Dave Mason ’78 to Beattie’s memoir, published by Rhyolite Press, 2019. Beattie was one…

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What’s on Your Reading List, David Gardiner?

We asked Associate Professor of Religion David Gardiner “What’s on Your Reading List?” “I have long been interested in the overlapping domains of psychology, neuroscience, and religious studies. Michael Pollan’s latest book, ‘How to Change Your Mind,’ tells the fascinating story of research on the effects of LSD going back to the 1950s. Legal medical research was…

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