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Posts from the Summer 2020 issue

Class Notes

1971 David Dwyer recently retired from civil engineering after 45 years in the profession and 25 years as principal of Dwyer Engineering in Las Vegas, Nevada. David earned his engineering degree from Columbia University in New York City in 1974. He returned to Colorado Springs and worked in the construction field for a short time. In 1977,…

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Tigers Crossing Paths

CC CONNECTIONS Left to Right: Melissa Walker ’72 on a bird walk; Priscilla Walker Engeln ’73 (sister of Melissa) snow shoveling in April; Jay Engeln ’74 (husband of Priscilla) hiking with their dog Molly in May; Valerie Hanna ’18 hiking at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs in April.   When the Coronavirus pandemic prevented Melissa Walker ’72 from…

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