COVID-19 Update and Reminders

Dear Campus Community,

We are writing with an update regarding the additional COVID-19 screening testing that was implemented in response to the cluster of infections from Halloween weekend. 

Current COVID Stats and What They Mean

The testing program is working and doing exactly what it was designed to do — help us to limit spread and return to baseline. On Tuesday, Nov. 9, the Student Health Center performed 459 tests, which yielded six positive results. The positivity rate has declined to 1.3% from 4.3% on Monday. If the current declining trend continues, we are on a very good trajectory.  
Meals, mail, and prescriptions are being delivered to the 81 students currently in isolation and quarantine. Students in isolation/quarantine should reach out to their professors to discuss the need for support, adaptation, or assistance with their classes.  
If you have already tested, thank you! All students living on campus and locally off-campus, regardless of vaccination status, are expected to participate in ongoing screening testing. If you have not yet tested since Nov. 1, please do so as soon as possible.
Contact Tracing
Contact tracing is a critical part of our layered mitigation system. Contact tracing data enables us to identify close contacts and prevent further transmission. We ask that you please continue to cooperate with our contact tracers. 
Thus far contact tracing data show no indication of COVID-19 transmission in classrooms; our layered mitigation system, including vaccination, masking, and good ventilation, is in place and working. 
Fully vaccinated students who were identified as close contacts should wear a mask when around others and get tested 5-7 days after the last known exposure. They can come to class so long as they have no symptoms; transmission from an asymptomatic person would be highly unlikely in that setting. 
Next Steps
We will share detailed Fall Break guidance with the campus community tomorrow. 
Thank you for continuing to follow all risk mitigation protocols and reduce your risk and the risk to others
We are all in this together. Please remember to take care of yourself and support one another during this stressful time. We will do our part by keeping you informed.


Andrea Bruder
Chief Public Health Advisor to the President 
Mateo Muñoz
Chair, COVID-19 Policy and Implementation Committee 

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