COVID-19 Tests for Faculty and Staff

Screening testing can help to detect COVID-19 infections early so that people can benefit from treatments such as antivirals and monoclonal antibodies. 

Screening testing also interrupts chains of infection and prevent further spread, helping us to keep the number of cases manageable during the Omicron wave. We invite and encourage all faculty and staff members to participate in twice weekly screening testing during the Omicron wave. To this end, please enroll in the State of Colorado’s free COVID-19 rapid at-home testing program. You are also encouraged to visit one of the many free and convenient community testing sites located throughout El Paso County. Test kits may also be purchased at local pharmacies.

Employees may obtain up to two tests (one BinaxNow test kit containing two tests or two FlowFlex tests) from the Worner Desk each week during the Omicron wave. To help us keep track of inventory, please fill out this test kit request form

Please keep in mind that CC cannot provide additional test kits for friends and family. All positive test results must be self-reported via Qualtrics. Test kits will be available while supplies last.  

Please don’t use the PPE form on the website for requesting/ordering masks or tests. 

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