Mask Distribution for Staff and Faculty

Because COVID-19 is airborne and the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly, we have updated the campus masking policy

High quality masks act as filters and remove aerosols from the air that we breathe. As was shared prior to Winter Break, 
KN95 masks or similar must be worn at all times in public indoor spaces.  If you have your own KN95 masks (or similar high-filtration masks, such as N95, KF94, or FFP2), you may wear them. 

Due to a delivery delay, KN95 masks will be distributed to faculty and staff on Wednesday, Jan. 5.  A distribution plan by department/division is being finalized and details will be communicated soon. 

Each employee will be issued three KN95 masks/week.  Any additional masks will be distributed to employees as needed.  If you wish, you may purchase your own masks via local and online suppliers. 

Review this detailed information about using and reusing N95/KN95 masks.  

Please do NOT use the online PPE form to order/request masks or tests.  

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