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The ADEI Leadership Team Newsletter

The ADEI Leadership Team Newsletter

November 2023

Intentional Interviews
30-minute audio interviews with campus partners discussing ADEI topics, social justice issues, and concepts to offer tangible examples of how we are all stewarding our commitment.

Episode 3

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Disrupt egocentrism. Perspective-taking can help us strengthen our ability to empathize. It requires us to have the courage and humility to shift our lens occasionally to listen with compassion, honoring the social truths and realities of others. To truly appreciate the complexities of the world and the intricacies of human experience, we must begin to question our assumptions about what we think we know by seeking information that challenges our views and the way we make sense of the world. 

ADEI in Action!
Positional diversity is a forgotten reality within higher education institutions. Not all community members have the privilege to work a traditional schedule, and sometimes, we forget about the hidden heroes who work day and night to ensure the safety and security of our students. This month, Campus Safety participated in a late-night Microaggressions workshop to help build team capacity and infuse ADEI principles into their work. Our ADEI commitment requires meeting all community members where they are creating fair access to the resources needed for all to thrive.

Rosalie Rodriguez

Associate Vice President, Institutional Equity & Belonging 

Peony Fhagen

Associate Vice President, Institutional Equity & Belonging

Ersaleen Hope

Assistant Vice President, Institutional Equity & Belonging

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