Get to Know Two More Student-Athletes During Division III Week

Thank you for helping celebrate CC student-athletes!

Get to know a bit more about Division III academics and meet two more CC Tigers from our Women’s Track & Field and Men’s Lacrosse teams. Read more about their team’s academic accomplishments in 2023:

Class Year: 2024
Sport: Track & Field
Major: Sociology 
Favorite Class: Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives: Intersectionality Studies in Berlin with Dr. Heidi R. Lewis
Top CC Academic Moment/Accomplishment: Presenting my research on racial disparities in bail decisions to judges at the local courthouse.
Special Talents/Skills: I have all of Thrift Shop by Macklemore memorized.
Hobbies: Starting books, Sudoku, and making little gifts for my friends.
Proudest Moment at CC: Looking around the room at my house’s Thanksgiving dinner and realizing how many loving friendships I’ve made here.
Community Service Experience: 
I co-lead a student court-watching group called “Injustice Watch” that is in the process of making a 2024 judicial retention election guide in partnership with Citizen’s Project, a local non-profit.

Class Year: 2024
Sport: Lacrosse
Major: Environmental Science
Favorite Class: Geology 
Top CC Academic Moment/Accomplishment: Getting the opportunity to work with the Flying Pig Farm through the Environmental Synthesis program.
Special Talents/Skills: Above average 3-Ball Juggler.
Hobbies: Fishing and spending time with friends and family.
Proudest Moment at CC: Getting the opportunity to compete in the Elite 8 against RIT my freshman year. 
Community Service Experience: 
Helping with the parents’ night out on campus was a great way to spend time giving back to all those who make CC a great place to be!

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