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Below is a current list of registered participants:

Fredric Ancel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Michael Andersen (Brigham Young University)

Grigori Avramidi (Ohio State University)

Kathryn Bryant (Bryn Mawr College)

David Carroll (Texas A&M)

Robert Daverman (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Jason DeBlois (University of Pittsburgh)

Tadeusz Dobrowolski (Pittsburgh State University)

Nathan Dunfield ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Greg Friedman (Texas Christian University)

Craig Guilbault (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Denise Halverson (Brigham Young University)

Michael Holloway (University of Tennessee)

Xifeng Jin (University at Buffalo)

Joel Louwsma (Niagara University)

Fedor Manin (University of Toronto)

Atish Mitra (Montana Tech/University of Montana)

Wiktor Mogilski (Binghamton University)

Molly Moran (Colorado College)

Tam Nguyen-Phan (Binghamton University)

Jeffrey Rolland (Marquette University)

Leonard Rubin (University of Oklahoma)

Timothy Schroeder (Murray State University)

Daniel Silver (University of South Alabama)

Pete Sparks (Marquette University)

Eric Swenson (Brigham Young University)

Krzysztof Swiecicki (Texas A&M)

Joseph Tidmore (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Frederick Tinsley (Colorado College)

Anh Tran (University of Texas at Dallas)

Gerard Venema (Calvin College)

Thomas Weighill (University of Tennessee)

Susan Williams (University of South Alabama)


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