Research Interests

The Kisunzu Lab is interested in the study of strained aromatic alkynes (“arynes”). Undergraduate researchers in the lab are engaged in the investigation of new directions in aryne reactivity and the development of reactions that leverage underused and/or complementary aryne generation methods (e.g., photochemical or electrochemical processes). Our research incorporates the use of computational and statistical tools to analyze and predict reactivity and structure.

Our three approaches to aryne chemistry

Collaborative Centers and Consortiums

NSF Center for Computer-Assisted Synthesis

Are you a CC undergrad interested in doing research in the Kisunzu Lab?

– Email Dr. Kisunzu as early as possible so that we can talk about project types and timelines. We will discuss your research interests and career goals and how this work will tie in.

– Preferred course prerequisites: Organic I and II (CH250 and 251). Note: If you have not yet had one or both of these courses, still email Dr. Kisunzu to discuss options. Projects may be available for students who have only taken CH250. Students who have taken Organic III (CH351) may be able to expand upon their class project.