It’s a fairly universal experience to get drunk with the homies. It’s usually pretty fun, but sometimes, we all get a little too introspective during the process and end up talking about personal stuff instead of acting the fool. I mean, that could just be my experience, but I know I’ve gotten a little too sloshy and told people about the time I got hit by a car, which was super messed up and a bad time all around.

Anyway, on this track, The Game is drunk and introspective, and we the listeners are the homies. The Game is tough, and doesn’t often get into this mood on the mic- he’s rough and ready and wants to make sure you know it. The somber beat by Cool & Dre (not the Doc) must have The Game getting deep, because he gets drunk and flows over it, discussing the death of friends and the attempted assassination of our speaker himself. It’s a dope track, and sorta relatable in a “I’m a white kid from suburbia and have never faced violence but I’ve been sad before!” sort of way. Check it out.

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