Keys To The Astral Gates And Mystic Doors II by Keys To The Astral Gates And Mystic Doors

so I was on youtube and I found this glowing, alchemical gem of premium lo-fi atmospheric black metal, straight out of the arcane unfathomabilities of madison, wisconsin.

really takes me back to the mountains at three am, being eroding into a shrieking and icy wind.
reminds me of screaming into spindrifts as a kid, and dissolving into the silent, dry, colorado snow

Photo Courtesy Empty Pit Recordings bandcamp

some. of these are soo beautiful. What is The Glimmer ‘Top The Looming Castle Bell?

the gorgeous textures of the gauzy guitars; the frailness of the wailing vocals at risk of breaking into the noise are so lovely,

and i also like the drumming, tone; really everything comes together to make this quite a little charmer.

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