SOTD: Imaginate Me – Jim Marlowe

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Imaginate Me by Jim Marlowe sounds exactly like what the title implies. The poppy electronic tune challenges you to revisit the powerful imagination you had as a kid, where magic and curiosity reigned supreme and everything was more than met the eye. Its many layers and colorful soundscape zip you right back to a day at the park. The intro piano fills you with the excitement of the rear car door opening and your newfound freedom when the seatbelt buckle clicks. As you’re helped down out of your car seat, you see the play structure begin to gather warmth from the rays of a weekend morning’s sun. You’re the first one here, you’ve got it all to yourself. As chugging drums and sparkly synths slowly pile on, you’re running across the asphalt to a field of grass that has never seemed bigger. When you step over the curb with some trouble, the grass begins to glow with the introduction of a playful saxophone, tickling your shins. Your legs still wobble as you stumble along, threatening to tumble you forward and ruin your entire day for at least 5 minutes. Oblivious of anything but what’s ahead of you, you reach the speckled rubber floor and a friendly group of horns usher you up the structure’s porous stairs. You’ve finally reached the mouth of the slide. The saxophone reappears by your side, encouraging you down. The next thing you know, in a whirl of delight, you’ve reached the bottom. The saxophone leaves you with one multi-colored word floating in your mind’s eye:


This song is not on streaming 🙁 But it’s on Bandcamp! Support your favorite artists!

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