Tiger Paw
as Reminder of the Importance of Regular Annual Giving

Did you know that 55 percent of Colorado College’s alumni have given at some time during the last five years to the Achieving Our Vision campaign? That’s a significant number!

If that many alumni gave to the college every year, we  would be among the leaders in the country in college giving participation. Instead, CC’s current annual alumni participation giving rate hovers closer to 21 percent. Many alumni genuinely believe they have given every year, when in fact they have not.

We are all busy with competing demands on time and purse. So, to make it easier for alumni to track their giving to their alma mater, the college will reintroduce the tiger paw to represent three years of consecutive giving. Look for the paw behind your name on solicitations, reunion lists, and anniversary letters beginning this fall. If you don’t see the paw, we hope you will take a moment to make your gift online at www.ColoradoCollege.edu/Giving each year until you see that little paw!

If you cannot give right now, please know that we always consider you a member of the Colorado College family. We wish you well and hope you will keep in touch.