Many years ago, Colorado College launched OurCC as an online tool that could, in part, help alumni connect with students for career-related mentorship. The mentor section was but one module in a suite of tools that includes event registration, website development for the Office of Alumni Relations, broadcast email, and e-commerce, such as making a gift online or paying for a fee-based event. In reality, OurCC provided more utility for the institution itself than it did for the alumni CC intended to serve. We still encourage alumni to use OurCC for its online alumni directory in particular, where you can use advanced search features to find other alumni. If you would like to use the online alumni directory found on OurCC, you must have a username and login. If you are visiting for the first time, you will need to match your identity in the system and then create a username and password. If you need help, please contact

Now, thanks to more specialized tools available, we are migrating the mentor management ability away from OurCC to a new tool called Tiger Link. The Career Center and Office of Alumni Relations have partnered to provide this professional networking platform, compatible with LinkedIn. Tiger Link empowers students to connect with alumni who can assist them in exploring careers and industries, learning about companies and organizations, and answering other career-related questions. It offers several features with a focus on facilitating alumni and student mentoring relationships. All Colorado College alumni can access the site for free at

EverTrue, a free mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, provides a platform for alumni to find one another based on class year, location, profession, etc. To use for the first time, download EverTrue from the iTunes app store or Google Play store, and then select the Colorado College community. The app matches you automatically if you sign up with the email address we have marked as your preferred email address in our alumni database. EverTrue capitalizes on the power of LinkedIn profiles that are populated by alumni directly, combining basic information found in our database with your LinkedIn profile,
if you have one. The “Alumni Nearby” feature groups alumni by zip codes. Street addresses are not shown in either the listing or map feature.

We maintain several Colorado College Alumni Facebook pages for Boise; Boston; Boulder; Chicago; Colorado Springs; Denver; DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth); Los Angeles; Montana; New Mexico; North Carolina; NYC; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco Bay Area; Seattle; Twin Cities; Utah; and Washington, D.C. Like the page(s) to keep up with news about events in those areas or
to find other alumni living in those areas. Alumni often use our Facebook pages as a way to post notices for apartments, job openings, news, and other offers.

LinkedIn is a site for general networking and discussion. Colorado College has both a LinkedIn college page and an official alumni discussion group. Alumni wishing to network with or mentor current CC students should use Tiger Link, which can directly connect to your LinkedIn profile.

Use this handy chart to point you to the right tool depending on what you want to do:

OurCC Tiger Link EverTrue Facebook LinkedIn
Find alumni
Register for an event
Make a gift
Offer career-related service to student or other alumni
Advertise an event, service, news item
Start a discussion
Advertise a job