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Posts from the Summer 2019 issue

Weddings & Celebrations

’14 Erin Slay ’14 married Craig Harris Jr., May 31, in Westminster, Colorado. ’12 Elle Emery Shafer ’12 married Max Shafer in Victor, Idaho, on Aug. 4, 2018.

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Births & Adoptions

’86 Alejandra and David Pollak ’86, a daughter, Colette Evelyn, March 10, 
in New York City. ’05 Katie Ries ’05 and Stephen Martin, a daughter, Margaret Webb, Nov. 20, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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’44 John “Jack” Coash, a World War II veteran and geologist, held positions including assistant provost at Bowling Green State University. He later worked with the National Science Foundation in India and Washington, D.C., and served as founding dean of science and dean of the School of the Arts and Sciences at California State University,…

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A Tribute to Joan Stone

Joan Stone taught poetry for years at Colorado College, both creative writing and modern poetry classes. She had an extraordinary ear for poetry, for nuances of sound and rhythm. And she was an exacting teacher. She would sometimes send her poetry students away on the second day of class because they weren’t reading the poems…

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