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Posts from the Winter 2017 issue

Keep On Going On — Ed Benton ’50

In 1946, attending college was not in Ed Benton’s sights. “At 17 months I became an orphan, and I was handed over to my father’s mother. She was 55 years of age, in poor health, illiterate, and she had no money,” says Benton. “When rent went up from $5 per month to $8 per month,…

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Gateway to an Education and an Adventure — Alana Aamodt ’18

A physics major and studio art minor at Colorado College, Alana Aamodt is from Minnesota. She came to CC for a good education and for an exciting adventure. She’s found both. In her first physics class, she and her classmates played hockey every Thursday, something she describes as “one of those things you can only…

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Committing to Socioeconomic Diversity — Kyle Samuel ’92

When Kyle Samuel was considering colleges, his list included Colorado College, the University of Texas, the University of Colorado, and Dartmouth College. He chose CC in part because the T. Roosevelt Collins Memorial Scholarship helped to ease the burden of the cost of college for his family. Although he still had to work throughout his…

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