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Martha Walker ’17 pauses while catching fish from Monument Creek during Professor Rebecca Barnes’ Block 7 Stream Ecology course. The course worked with professionals from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources who are monitoring the ecology of streams by practicing electrofishing, a process that temporarily stuns fish while researchers catch and log the varieties of fish. Barnes plans to regularly monitor Monument Creek as a partnership with DNR.  Photo by Jennifer Coombes

Summer 2017

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Charlie Theobald ’17, right, participates in a senior thesis theatre project conducted by Soeren Walls ’17, seated. The project, Iris-31, is a virtual reality experience created so that participants can both watch from behind glass or put on the VR glasses and experience an alternate reality. Iris-31 is based on a story Walls’ grandfather told him about a hurricane that hit Belize in 1931 and the double meaning that the word iris can have in relation to water, the eye, and its purification qualities.
Photo by Jennifer Coombes

Cyclists from around the world participating in the inaugural four-day Colorado Classic pro-cycling event race through Colorado Springs — and the CC campus — when Colorado Springs hosted the first day of the event. Here cyclists round a sharp corner on Cache la Poudre Street before heading down Tejon Street. Overall, riders covered 313 miles and ascended 20,000 feet.
Photo by Jennifer Coombes