Patrick Dougherty: Creature Comforts

Patrick Dougherty:  Creature Comforts

Site Specific Sculpture
In front of Armstrong Hall, intersection of Cache La Poudre & Cascade

From October 27 to November 14, 2008, internationally renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty will create a site-specific, temporary sculpture on the Colorado College campus. The sculpture will remain for two years.

In the last twenty years, Patrick Dougherty has created over 150 sculptures in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Comprised of hundreds of woven tree saplings and twigs, Dougherty’s unique, site-specific sculptures integrate natural and man-made environments. Simultaneously intricate and effortless, the sculptures seem almost to have been made through a force of nature, swirled together by prairie winds, or constructed by birds.

Here is the future site of the sculpture:

Patrick Dougherty Sculpture Site
Patrick Dougherty Sculpture Site


The sculpture is in progress on the west side of Armstrong Hall (NE corner of Cascade Ave and Cache La Poudre St).  Here are some pictures from the first week of the project, which involved gathering the willow and saplings for the structure and beginning construction.  Note that all materials involved are sustainably harvested, ie they all grow back very quickly as the plants are not killed but rather trimmed.  These sticks came from an area that must be maintained regularly per mandates by the Army Corps of Engineers.

9 thoughts on “Patrick Dougherty: Creature Comforts

  1. I live out of town, and am looking forward to seeing the title and photographs of the finished sculpture published here.

  2. Thanks for the comments, we’re glad to hear you like the new sculpture on the CC campus. We’re still waiting to hear the final title from Patrick Dougherty, and I will re-title the post once we do have that. We will also have a professional photographer photographing the piece fairly soon, and I will post those here as well. For now, enjoy some images shot with our trusty gallery camera.

  3. This is an amazing sculpture.When you walk through and around it you get such a strong sense of being caught up in the movement, yet there is also a strong sense of peace. Maybe like being in the womb ?

  4. My heart leapt with joy when I discovered this sculpture/installation while visiting Colorado College this summer. ‘Creature Comforts’ manages to be magnificent and whimsical at the same time. Bravo, Patrick Dougherty and crew!

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