I.D.E.A. Cabaret: Rembrandt Reinterpreted — Student Presentations

Tuesday, November 18, 4:30 PM
I.D.E.A. Space


Art of the Dutch Republic, taught by Rebecca Tucker Associate Professor in the Colorado College Art History Department, focuses on the Golden Age of Holland—a time of economic, cultural, and political growth. During this time, artists developed innovative styles and visual modes to depict life in the early modern era.

Throughout Art of the Dutch Republic students have spent many hours in I.D.E.A. Space examining and interpreting 35 Rembrandt images based on research.

The students have made their classroom experience practical by writing new interpretive text for the I.D.E.A. Space exhibition Rembrandt Beyond the Brush. The students will present their research and answer questions about specific works and genres within the exhibition at Tuesday’s event.

Student Presenters and Topics:

Thomas Euyang – Rembrandt’s Old Testament Scenes
Fiona Graham – Rembrandt’s Self Portraits
Bennett Krishock – Portraits by Rembrandt
Madelyn Santa – Street Scenes in Rembrandt’s Prints
Mengyuan Wang – Rembrandt’s Landscapes
Teddy Weeks – Rembrandt and the New Testament