Song Of The Day: Kohinoorgasm- “Azaadi Is Freedom Is Fate”

My friend from KALX Berkeley impulsively took a bus to Colorado Springs, surprising me on this stressful start to the fourth week. We’ve spent most of the day sitting on my couch showing each other songs we’ve been into lately. Aside from the classic “Caught In A Butt Sandwich” by The Mangfather Bob Katz, the best song she showed me happened to be by a kickass multiracial artist named Kohinoorgasm. Kohinoorgasm is a bay area artist that used to DJ at KALX, now working as a solo artist. She strives to empower people of color through her music. The music video of “Azaadi Is Freedom Is Fate”  has an evident motif of hair, which Kohinoorgasm notes as a “distinct issue for femmes of color.” The song itself is an exploration of the concept of freedom, Azaadi meaning freedom in multiple levels. As a multiracial woman who identifies strongly with my Indian culture, I find Kohinoorgasm to be an empowering presence in the DIY music scene.


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  1. The Mangfather Bob Katz here. Thank you so much for the shout out that you’ve given the title track and video from my new CD, Caught in a Butt Sandwich. It’s made a huge difference, and I really appreciate the support.

    I’m thinking about next steps, and I would very much value your thoughts about some possibilities:

    — I’m considering putting together a tour for the album. Are there clubs or other venues in your area that you think would be a good fit? If so, would your station be interested in sponsoring the event? Could I do a show at Colorado College?

    — I have a solid video for the title track of the album, and it’s received over 100K views. How valuable to you think videos of some or all of the other tracks would be?

    — Hiring promotion would of course be great, but I’m doing this all DIY so it’s just not a possibility. But are there other things I should be doing to get the album and the music out into the world?

    I really appreciate any thoughts you have, and I hope you can keep Caught in a Butt Sandwich in your rotation at SOCC. Links to album and photo are included below.

    The support you give to independent musicians like myself is the life-blood of our art. I can’t thank you enough.

    With best wishes,

    Bob Katz aka The Mangfather Bob Katz

    Artist Name: The Mangfather Bob Katz
    Contact Name: Bob Katz
    Phone: 347-601-7242

    Full Album.  Caught in a Butt Sandwich (Explicit):

    Full Album, Clean Version.  Caught in a Butt Sandwich (Clean):

    Dropbox Link to Download Full Album, Caught in a Butt Sandwich (Explicit):

    Dropbox Link to Download Full Album, Caught in a Butt Sandwich (Clean):

    Caught in a Butt Sandwich Viral Video:


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