Nearing the End…(Cultural Anthropology and Hispanic Folk Art of the Southwest)

Well, it’s getting to be about that time…dreaded fourth week is approaching! As much work as we all have right now, it’s actually kind of nice to be in the library and see ten people you know. And being in the midst of writing a paper, the only logical thing to do is to take a dance party study break every so often….which really helps, trust me.

Even though fourth week is a little intimidating, being in an FYE, I feel like there are so many resources around campus to help you succeed, especially because most of us are writing our first major papers here at CC. Consider my day today: I had an appointment with the writing center this morning, where my tutor helped me narrow my focus and draft a conclusion. Later this afternoon, I have a meeting with my professor, Mario, to discuss my writing and get feedback. Not to mention the fact that my FYE mentor, Krista, had my whole class over to her apartment for pizza and cupcakes yesterday to make sure we were all doing okay with our work. It’s definitely encouraging to know that there are so many awesome people around CC to help me out.

Well, I feel a spontaneous dance party coming on….good luck with the end of the block, everyone!