Back in Action

Well, here we are! We’ve officially embarked on the second block of HY104- the two block FYE course that I am enrolled in. All FYE courses are two blocks long, which is why my course is still technically a featured course. Also, my class fulfills the West In Time requirement, which is an all- college requirement. I’ll put a link to more information about that here:

I thought I would write this blog post on my first block reflections, a few tips and tricks of your first block,and basically just my thoughts on the course so far!

Pros of the course:

I love that the course has a wide variety of reading materials. I’ve written about this before, but it’s true. If I don’t find one day’s reading interesting, the next day’s usually is.

The class starts at 9:15 am instead of 9 am! This may not sound like a huge difference, but those extra few minutes of sleep really help me out on weekday mornings.

We have really bonded as a class! Most of the time I have lunch after class with someone in my FYE. All of the people are great, and the class environment is stimulating and intellectual.

The papers and homework are manageable. I usually have about 2 hours of homework per night. This is, however, just an average. I have never felt the need to pull an all-nighter, nor have I been extremely stressed out. The work is totally doable. As long as I do not procrastinate, I can finish my homework and still have time to participate in extracurricular activities or simply watch a movie.

Susan is absolutely brilliant! I can tell that she has an insane amount of  knowledge on the subject of Mediterranean history, and it is so cool to be able to learn from her.

Susan’s few lectures have been great! I love learning about ancient cultures, and she certainly is knowledgable and interesting to listen to and learn from.


The large amount of discussion that we have is hard for me to do. I am usually pretty quiet in class, so it can be hard for me to speak up and interject my own thoughts. However, I guess it can also be twisted around to be seen as a pro, because I am learning how to be an effective participant in discussion.

Learning how to manage my own time has been a bit challenging. However, as long as I motivate myself to get my homework done as early as possible, it isn’t a problem.

Some tips for HY104:

1. Actually do the reading! I can tell when some people skim the reading, and discussion usually really lacks the next day.

2. Do not procrastinate! Get the homework done as soon as possible, because it will save valuable time later.

3. Go to the writing center! WE have had 2 essays so far, and I’ve gone to the writing center both time. Without a doubt, my tutor helped me improve my essay immensely. The Writing Center is an invaluable tool in this class.

4. Go to Susan’s office hours! I’ve been twice, and both times I was able to get a more clear idea of what she was looking for in assignments. Susan is so personable, and while it was a bit intimidating to go, she truly helped me out.


I’m going to try and write every weekday this block, as now I am a bit more knowledgable about Colorado College, and have a better grasp on this class and can give better advice. I hope you all enjoy reading, and have a great day!