HY104 Trip to the CC Cabin

Earlier this week, our class went to the CC Cabin, and it was great!

The CC Cabin is a college-owned cabin in the mountains that is available to all classes to use.

All of the members of our class, including Susan, left campus at about 3:45 on Monday. We took a CC-owned small charter bus to the cabin, which was about 1 hour away. We took turns playing deejay and had fun together on the bus ride there. The drive was absolutely beautiful! We went through a wonderful mountain pass and through Woodland Park, CO to get to our destination.

Once we got there, we were dropped off at the bottom of a large hill. We had to carry our belonging up the hill on this narrow path, which was a bit of a struggle for some of us (namely me). After about 15 minutes of uphill trekking, we made it to the cabin.

The cabin was great! It was three stories high. In the basement was a large bedroom, foosball table, and both a men’s and women’s restroom with showers. The main floor had a living room, fireplace, large kitchen, bathroom with a shower, and two long tables with benches for us to eat. The main floor also had access to the deck, which wrapped around the back of the building. The deck had great views of the valley and mountain! The top floor was a simple area with about seven bunk beds for sleeping.

We explored the main cabin for a while, and of course claimed beds! While one of our classmates, Dennis, began grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for our dinner, most of us engaged in silent reading to finish our reading assignment for the next day, which was a selection from Pico’s “Oration on the Dignity of Man.”

At about 7 pm, we had dinner, which consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, salad, and salsa. The food was actually very good because it came from the dining hall here at CC.

After dinner, some of us exercised or just sat around and talked with one another. It was so nice to be able to relax in the beautiful cabin!

Later on, we made s’mores in the fireplace and watched the classic movie “Casablanca,” which was set in northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, which is why it technically related to the course.

After the movie, some of use went to bed, and some of us stayed up to play games.

The next morning, Susan woke most of us up with, “Class starts in ten minutes!” So obviously we all got out of bed pretty quickly. We ate muffins and fruit and yogurt for breakfast while we prepared for class.

Class took place as usual as we discussed “Oration on the Dignity of Man.” It was a deeply philosophical day, as it usually is, as we discussed the relationship between man and God.

After class ended at about 12:30, we had lunch. This included a variety of sandwiches, including peanut butter and jelly, leftover hamburgers, and lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches, as well as chips and cookies.

After lunch, we divided up the chores for leaving the cabin. We packed our things, wiped down counters, did dishes, swept the floors, and cleaned the fireplace. After we finished that, we took a group photo on the deck and headed back down the hill to the bus.

Susan offered to take a few of us down the hill in her car, so Jhana and Gabby were the lucky recipients of that prize. I was able to stash my bags in her van though, so my load was light.

Most of us slept on the bus ride home, but I again enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

The purpose of this trip was to provide us with a bonding experience and to allow us to enjoy the great outdoors using CC resources. Overall, the trip to the CC Cabin was enjoyed by all, and I can’t wait to get to go back in another class.


Talk to you later!