HY104 Soccer!

Hello everyone!

Our rough drafts for our research papers are due tomorrow, so I’m on bit of a time crunch! However, I wanted to get another post out to you.

I decided that today I would write about our intramural soccer team! Our wonderful FYE Mentor, Mark, signed us all up to be on an intramural soccer team here at CC! Intramural sports can be played by anyone, and compete against other teams of students here at CC. Our entire class is on our soccer team, and so far we have had two games!

While I didn’t have a chance to go to the first game, I heard that we did not do so well against a reigning championship team. I heard that we actually got crushed 7-0, but that the team still had a great time!

Yesterday’s game went really well! We actually won 2-1! We played our game at 4:30 on Slocum Quad, and the weather was great! Quite a few of the guys in our class, namely Gavin, Sam, James, and Dennis, stood out as soccer superstars and really helped bring our team to victory!

While I am a horrible soccer and clearly the weakest link on the team, they all cheered me on as I attempted not to get hit with the ball. Forming an intramural soccer team has been great for class morale, and has added another component to our class bond. While not everyone was able to make it to the game yesterday, the majority of our class had a great time!

I will write again soon everyone!