I’m “Digging” EyeWire (See First Photo For Evidence)

Last week the Great Office of EyeWire had another visitor from the Colorado College Neuroscience department.

Michael Murney in virtual reality. Picture by William Silversmith, friendly mocking by Nina Friedman
Michael Murney in virtual reality. Picture by William Silversmith, friendly mocking by Nina Friedman

Here, Michael is having his first virtual reality experience using the Oculus DK. He is suspended in a neuronal circuit in the retina, so all he sees is neurons in space. When he turns his head to the right, he appears to have turned his head to the right in the virtual world, and he sees the neurons from a different angle. These are neurons traced in EyeWire. I had done this earlier, and was super excited to show it off!

Currently I am working on in-game trivia for EyeWire. I am creating questions for players to answer in the chatroom, and players will receive points if they are correct. Some of my questions are about neuroscience, and some are theme based according to competitions. The most recent competition I wrote for was Cryptozoology themed. Here’s a sample of in-game trivia, where a bot named “inquizator” presents the questions:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.12.36 PM

I’m learning tons from the Wikipedia bottomless holes I get to travel down when looking for trivia questions. I’m still learning the most just from being in the office. I think a lot of my learning is unconscious, but I am also thinking about the little things that EyeWire does that I hope my future employer also does. I am also still picking up tech vocab and such. Stay tuned for a post about silly happenings in the commonspace, aka Nina essentially presenting you with a wework ad.

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Hi! My name is Nina and I am a Junior at Colorado College. I am taking a semester off to intern at a startup called EyeWire. EyeWire is part of the citizen science movement where anyone from anywhere can collect data for research. EyeWire gamified the process of brain mapping, and now gamers help gather neuronal projection data at http://eyewire.org. In this blog I will talk about my experiences during my semester, and during my internship.