Buzzword: Fun, Nina: Out.

We have come to the end of my journey at EyeWire. I plan to venture into the office every so often in the coming months, but I will no longer have an official schedule. So let us reflect   on the experience. First off, I am so glad I had the opportunity to involve myself […]

A Potpourri of Posts

Hello people of BlockFeatures! I come to you from the land of 50 degrees, at last we have Spring in Boston! Today’s post will be heavily illustrated with photos!     Moving on from 3D doodling, I’m going to present you with two photos from the common space at WeWork, the coworking office space that […]


Ugh guys I’ve been horrible about taking pictures. This past weekend I went to PAX East, the massive game convention. I took some un-representative pictures while there. These are unrepresentative because they don’t show that there were hundreds of tables where people were playing board/card games and at least a hundred booths for game companies […]

Desk Job Jests

Due to the “desk job” -esque nature of my last week at EyeWire, here are the photos I have taken: It looks like the 3D printed neurons shown are a bistratified ganglion cell and a J Cell, both found in a mouse retina, but both found in the human retina as well.     Work isn’t actually […]


I went to the Jewish Community Day School in Watertown to speak about EyeWire during the middle school STEM day. Presenting is always difficult for me but this day was fun nonetheless. The kids were super psyched on science and this has provided me with an opportunity to directly chat with some teachers who know more […]


Just kidding I have work tomorrow. Let’s see where I left off… Well there has been another snowstorm so that’s another 1.5 feet on Boston. I didn’t work Tuesday because the MBTA stopped service. Every transportation method, even walking, was non-functional. When I have been in the office, I have experienced Google Hangouts(video calls) non-stop. […]