An Independent Study

Seventh Block at Colorado College brings with it Spring, and Independent Study. Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming, the weather is simply lovely. The wind blows almost lazily, and the sun beating down on your head is delightful. As you walk along the sidewalks, you see intramural softball, pick-up soccer, hammocks, croquet, and campus golf. Others are reading, sunning, studying, chatting. The nights bring similar weather. Spring at Colorado College is one of my favorite times. You begin to see the colorful, wacky, wonderful CC flair adorning students. Sundresses and birkenstocks are in, uggs are out.

The official course title for this block is Independent Study in Biochemistry: RNA Evolution and Abiogenesis.  Abiogenesis is the theory that life began on Earth without any biological precursors. My task this block is to research the role of RNA in the origin of life. I am a week in and I have a detailed outline, have used several sources, and am feeling confident.   The hardest challenge I have encountered so far is self-motivation. I am not in class, I do not have a syllabus telling me what is due when. It is all discretionary. My discretion. I make my own hours, I make my own deadlines, I am tasked with motivating myself.

This is the hardest part, but also the most rewarding. As a senior, being put in charge of my own education (even if only for a block) is highly rewarding, highly appreciated, and exciting. I am excited to push myself out of my  comfort zones, and I am excited about this opportunity. This Independent Study will not only be a study of RNA, but also of myself.


Published by Mia '15

Hello! My name is Maria Mulligan-Buckmiller, and I am a senior Biology major, Biochemistry minor from Manitou Springs. I have been involved in the Honor Council, Residential Life, Colorado College Admissions, Class Committee, and Intramural sports!