We are Improbable Miracles

You might be asking, “Where’s the RNA’s involvement?” Well, no one is really sure yet. It is accepted that RNA predated DNA. However, scientists have been unable to synthesize RNA in conditions similar to the hypothesized environment of early Earth. One interesting theory that came out of our inability to synthesize RNA ┬áis that there […]

RNA Evolution and Abiogenesis

Have you ever wondered about how life began? How we evolved from inorganic substances to fully functional, adaptable, evolved beings? I think, in a sense, we all have. I think we all look up at the stars and wonder how we did it. Wonder what percentage of our bodies is star-dust, wondered how connected we […]

An Independent Study

Seventh Block at Colorado College brings with it Spring, and Independent Study. Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming, the weather is simply lovely. The wind blows almost lazily, and the sun beating down on your head is delightful. As you walk along the sidewalks, you see intramural softball, pick-up soccer, hammocks, croquet, and campus golf. […]

Host Response to Pathogens Week 1

On the first Monday, 12 Biology majors filed into an Olin classroom, unsure what the course BY359: The Host Response to Pathogens, taught by Dr. Stephanie Schittone held in store for us. As a second semester senior, this course would complete my major in Biology, and would be the last science course I would take […]