Intro to Journalism Reflection

Since beginning Introduction to Journalism for Summer Session this year on May 29, one thing that has changed in my news consumption is that I realize just how many news publications exist, especially in the state of Colorado and even just in Colorado Springs. For example, I learned during our visit to The Colorado Springs Independent that Manitou Springs has its own paper, The Pikes Peak Bulletin.

I began to focus on reading these smaller, more local publications because I found they have more impact on my life as opposed to other, national ones.

Another thing that I have learned in class is the inverted pyramid model, which shapes how I read news articles. Before I used to think that if I was looking at something on the News app on my phone I’d need to read the entire article to get the story; now, if I’m in a rush or not super interested in the story, I can usually just read the lede and the first couple of paragraphs to know the important details of the story and move on. There is simply too much news to sit down and try and read every article that is published online.

One last observation: Before, I would not consider paying to read the news online. However, after learning about the financial issues journalism faces, and reading in The Elements of Journalism about how important journalism is for our democratic society, my view on that is changing. I am debating whether I should start subscribing to the online editions of different papers including The Gazette here in Colorado Springs, The New York Times, and The Washington Post because it costs very little per month, I get the news, and support a cornerstone of our country.