Day 2

After our meeting with Thom Shanker from the New York Times, our resident tour guide Sam Seymour suggested we head over to the White House so the class could see some of the sights of downtown DC. The heat and humidity started to get to us as we were admiring the Washington Monument so we decided to head to lunch a little earlier then planned.

Sam took us to his favorite sandwich shop which was followed by a couple of quick trips to Starbucks and scooter rides by Jamie and Max. Some of us also went to a street festival going on outside featuring crafts from local artists.

Dinner was at the 801 Restaurant; it was absolutely delicious and was highlighted by conversation with CC alumni who are currently working in journalism. Sam and I talked most of dinner with Nick Wing who gave us advice on getting into the industry. Due to the engaging conversation, dinner lasted well past the planned 8 pm. After, some of us decided to go see the monuments at night before getting ready for our last day of class tomorrow. Over all, a splendid day!